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  • Alert Press

    The button can be used in a fixed place or with a geolocation service activated.
    When the user presses the button, it sends an early warning signal to companies for security applications, to insurance companies for accidents applications, to hospital/ambulances for health emergencies applications, and so on.

  • Electronic Active Seal

    Our security electronic seal makes easier, faster, cheaper and safer, the chance to have a real-time notification over the opening or violation of cargo or any kind of seal, by using an opening alarm generated by the security electronic seal.

    The installation is quite simple and an important difference from other current solutions is that it is not necessary to spend money into inverse logistics because it is designed for one use only.

    Besides the opening notification, the security electronic seal lets the user monitor the container during established periods of time, showing the seal permanency and the active status of the seal. Its autonomy can last 30 days, but this time depends on the design of each project and the regularity of the transmission.

  • GLOKE Asset Tracking

    GLOKE self-sufficient asset tracking device, ideal due to the low installation cost and no maintenance. The device is designed with all automotive standards to last in toughest environments. As standard GLOKE will send 140 messages a day (one message every 11 minutes).

    If the device can’t be exposed to the light, we offer an alternative version, which comes with ability to connect DC input or run on internal battery pack. Battery pack will last, depend on send message frequency up to 10 years.

    There is no GSM tracker which could compete with GLOKE.

    Main device functionality :
    • Self-sufficient device, with additional power supply option
    • Up to 140 messages per day
    • Long lasting battery, depend on send message frequency up to 10 years

    Main platform functionality :
    • API for 3rd party software integration
    • Reporting
    • Geofence function
    • Overall map with location of all customer assets
    • Detailed map per device, ability to
    • Check current location address
    • Check battery status
    • Check temperature status
    • Check history – this gives travel log

    W: www.gloksystems.co.uk
    @: info@gloksystems.co.uk
    T: 01842 646003

  • iButton

    iButton is the ultimate IoT Sigfox button that needs just a click to send alert messages, events, and locations in real time.


    Expandable Tracking Monitoring Solution.

    The most expandable device of the LOKA Solutions portfolio. It was thought to facilitate the connection with other sensors. It will face demanding situations. It will transmit impulses to the LOKA’s IoT Cloud platform. On top of all it has more battery life.

    Expansion characteristics are: Standard 2.54 header pin Wire terminal Groove connector SDK .

    Auto switch in all RCZ Regions.

    LOKA NEURON Inside.

    LOKA AXON devices are managed in the LOKA MIND IoT Cloud Platform.


    LOKA’s first low cost / low power tracker, with expansion capabilities.

    Focused on asset tracking, with its geolocations capabilities, LOKA PRIMIS wants to show that assets have reflective thought.

    LOKA PRIMIS devices are managed in the LOKA MIND IoT Cloud Platform.

    This device has an expandable capability that allows one to buy it with an external temperature sensor or GPS.

    It also is possible to adapt to one of two different connectivity networks:
    – Sigfox (Available for RCZ1 | RCZ2 | RCZ4)
    – NB-IoT.


    Wireless sensor installed in motorcycles that transmits their location in a periodical way. Is it possible to activate up to 5 geofences for each sensor. It sends notifications via email and SMS.

  • Sensify’s IoT Platform

    The Sensify IoT Platform for Connected Assets and Blockchain is a versatile IoT platform that incorporates asset tracking, telematics, and sensorization techniques to grant enterprises and companies real-time insight and control of their entire businesses. The platform links together advanced inventory management solutions, data analytics, machine learning, sensorization techniques, and device data in one easy-to-grasp tool to analyze, control, and improve business efficiency.


  • Sigfox Sensor Module

    A flexible Sigfox-enabled sensor module that provides a low-cost, low-risk route for bringing new IoT solutions to the market quickly.

    This module is suitable in a wide range of use cases such as tamper/movement detection, vibration measurement, temperature monitoring and light detection using its on-board sensors and a vast array of applications using external sensors connected through its digital and analog ports.