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  • Alert Press

    The button can be used in a fixed place or with a geolocation service activated.
    When the user presses the button, it sends an early warning signal to companies for security applications, to insurance companies for accidents applications, to hospital/ambulances for health emergencies applications, and so on.

  • Checkingas

    Smart monitoring system for natural gas. With an non intrusive device which acquires data directly from the mechanic meter and sends it to the cloud, eliminate lecturers and create savings by getting all the data in your hands!

  • Duodigit SX

    The DUODIGIT SX is a ready to use, rugged and easy-to-install equipment designed to transmit meter Reading data (water, gas and power) through the LPWA Sigfox network. The equipment can also be used in alarm systems and event occurrences. It has a primary Thionyl Chloride Lithium battery of 6500mA to operate for several years according to the number of daily transmissions.


    • Water metering system
    • Gas metering system
    • Power measurement system
    • Alarms
    • Event detector.

    Product developed and produced by Duodigit, a pioneer Brazilian company in the use of SIGFOX technology that has a specialized technical team trained in France.

  • EFCMPM01

    Energyment®is a proprietary platform do manage consumption of Cubic Meter of Water and Gas, or a kWh energy usage over a period of time and generates usage reports.Energyment® can report your connected devices measures 2 to 96 times a day, everyday, the consumption of Cubic Meter of Water and Gas, or a kWh energy usage over a period of time, and generate monthly usage.

  • Firefly

    Firefly Sigfox is a cutting-edge solution to improve time response to fuse cut out in MV lines in the field.


    HALWATER – Water Pressure and Level System

    The new generation of water industry solutions designed with best of breed hardware and the power of 4.0 technology.

    Water Industry Smart Devices
    Halwater has designed enhanced measurement devices that can log data, control valves and they can communicate with the most popular SCADA systems. With our cloud platform you can see in real time the data and configure sectors from any computer, smartphone or tablet with a web browser.
    Halwater uses bleeding edge algorithms developed by worldwide recognized engineers in the water industry in order to find inefficiencies and take action in the water network. Plus, we provide AI insights to find tendencies and predict behaviors.

  • IoTracK

    IoTrack is a module that enables multiple functions and supports different sensors.

  • iSentinel Cloud

    iSentinel Cloud is a gas tank meter for stationary tank. This solution gives the user the possibility to check the tank gas level from a mobile app.

    The user can also receive a push notification when the tank gas level is low, so he can then purchase more gas. The solution provide total autonomy to measure the gas consumption.

    – Gas control from a smartphone
    – Low tank gas level alerts
    – Gas consumption history



    KRAKEN is a precise and complete water quality control system.
    It combines hardware and engineering in a single device capable of detecting variations in the properties of water and it is designed to be implemented in any environment. The impact of KRAKEN reduces costs in water maintenance and increases productivity. Notify the exact water conditions in different places through your mobile app. It is ideal for industrial systems, hydrological plants and any company. Its operation is continuous, and allows you to monitor and make decisions at any time and from any place, reducing costs and working time.

  • Levelgas

    Levelgas is a gas level wireless sensor for propane tanks. With it, you can check your gas level from your smartphone, calculate and follow in real time the refill of your tank, know your consumptions habits and manage your refills according your needs.


    LPG Canister & Beer Keg Tracker with filling level measurement.

    The solution for use cases that need to measure level inside a recipient, more specifically kegs and canisters. This device reads the level of filling and allows you to know how full or empty your asset is.

    Auto switch in all RCZ Regions.

    LOKA NEURON Inside.

    LOKA INCUS devices are managed in the LOKA MIND IoT Cloud Platform.


    NANOFOX IoT Kit is an evaluation board for Sigfox connectivity using WISOL serial modem. It provides out-of-the-box connection with Arduino NANO / PRO boards, accelerating the learning curve and validation of new ideas, business models, and product concepts.

    Main Features:

    + Connector compatible with Arduino NANO and PRO boards
    + I/Os for external use (i.e.: Shields interface, sensors, etc.)
    + Ease integration with any hardware platform through UART and simple AT commands. (ESP8266, ESP32, Raspberry PI, PIC, AVR, Texas, STM32, PC, etc)
    + Ultra-low power allows battery operation for long periods
    + WISOL Sigfox verified module for region RCZ2 – USA/Mexico/Brazil/Canada
    + 1 year of Sigfox connection included with access to Sigfox Backend tools.

  • ONI

    ONI is a high-tech device that takes accurate readings of the conditions that a cargo is exposed to when being
    transported or stored, e.g. temperature and relative humidity.
    It is programmable, and it automatizes tasks and functions. It can be installed in mobile units, such as trucks and trailers; or in fixed locations with controlled environments, such as greenhouses or refrigeration units.

  • PMS-100

    The PMS-100 is a multi-sensor device, designed to be employed by customers and companies wishing to implement an Internet of Things (IoT) radio-based monitoring tool.

    The PMS-100 is a ready-to-use and easy-to-install multi-sensor device, designed to act as a data collector in a wide range of applications. All the data collected can then be used to identify faults and optimize multiple aspects in production lines, by logging a complete history of diverse variables and allowing the user to analyze and draw conclusions from it.

  • RS2000 SMART SF

    This backpack enables a remote operation for reading, connecting & disconnecting and reducing losses for low voltage customers.:

    • Monitoring & sensing functionalities, reducing efforts in losses control and diagnosis.
    • Field Environment Protection: Intrusive phase sensing. Quality of services to the utility in the benefit of the final customer protection. Notifies the utility in case of voltage in disconnected clients.
    • Data Access: Independence, flexibility & convenience in metering data availability. Data are obtained by scheduling and also on demand, including mass memory registered by the SF-Smart – Backpack.
  • Sensify’s IoT Platform

    The Sensify IoT Platform for Connected Assets and Blockchain is a versatile IoT platform that incorporates asset tracking, telematics, and sensorization techniques to grant enterprises and companies real-time insight and control of their entire businesses. The platform links together advanced inventory management solutions, data analytics, machine learning, sensorization techniques, and device data in one easy-to-grasp tool to analyze, control, and improve business efficiency.


  • Sigfox Sensor Module

    A flexible Sigfox-enabled sensor module that provides a low-cost, low-risk route for bringing new IoT solutions to the market quickly.

    This module is suitable in a wide range of use cases such as tamper/movement detection, vibration measurement, temperature monitoring and light detection using its on-board sensors and a vast array of applications using external sensors connected through its digital and analog ports.

  • SigSense

    SigSense is a LPWA device operating in Sigfox network, with the main purpose of monitoring operating time of machines by the detection of vibrations, to be used both indoor and outdoor. It has an internal battery that can last up to 5 years.