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  • Athen Sense System

    Athen Sense System is the ideal kit for IoT developers who want to commercialise their solutions. You can build your kit with the processing board and the sensors you want to adapt, the communication protocol board of your choice, and the battery.

    Programming is easy, besides developers have access to code libraries, quick guides, and our company’s support. Users will be able to adapt their own enclosures and develop their final product without worrying about the hardware and increasing time to market.

    Athen Sense System supports up to six sensors, any kind of sensor. Therefore, you can develop solutions for almost any industry.


    Ordenar productos y servicios es tan fácil como presionar un botón. ISQUARE CALL te permitirá complementar las funcionalidades y servicios que actualmente tienes implementadas en tus clientes finales por medio de un esquema de notificaciones integrado. Es fácil de usar y de ubicar en cualquier ambiente operativo; adicional la integración a las plataformas actuales puede ser realizada de forma rápida y sencilla.

    Proceso de homologación o integración

    1. Activa la conectividad SIGFOX.
    2. Utiliza la trama de datos general.
    3. Parametriza el dispositivo por medio del uso de Downlink Sigfox.
    4. Diseña o complementa tu servicio actual

    Las redes inalámbricas WiFi están presentes en la mayoría de los ambientes públicos y privados, el ISQUARE WIFI te permitirá complementar las funcionalidades y servicios que actualmente tienes implementados en tu clientes finales con un sistema de rastreo y notificaciones que él utiliza. Estas redes pueden generar la ubicación precisa de lo que más te importa. Es fácil de usar y de ubicar en cualquier ambiente operativo; adicional la integración a las plataformas actuales puede ser realizada de forma rápida y sencilla.
    ¿Cómo funciona?
    El ISQUARE WIFI detecta las direcciones MAC más potentes y cercanas, dándote ubicación incluso en interiores


    1. Genera nuevos ingresos recurrentes que complementan los servicios actuales.
    2. Incrementa la diferenciación de tus soluciones y servicios.
    3. Fácil de usar y configurar.
    4. Fácil de homologar e integrar a otras soluciones.
    5. Posibilidad de “Marca Blanca”.
  • Acceleration-Based Movement Sensor

    The acceleration-based movement sensor uses an internal accelerometer to detect movement of an asset. When motion is detected that exceeds a certain threshold, an alert is sent over the wireless network.

    Product Brief

    More about Radio Bridge

  • Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    By Radio Bridge.

    The air temperature and humidity sensor uses air flow to measure temperature and humidity levels. If the temperature and/or humidity rises above or falls below the configured thresholds, an alert is sent over the wireless network.

    Product Brief

    More about Radio Bridge

  • Alert Press

    The button can be used in a fixed place or with a geolocation service activated.
    When the user presses the button, it sends an early warning signal to companies for security applications, to insurance companies for accidents applications, to hospital/ambulances for health emergencies applications, and so on.

  • Agriculture

    Animal Tracker

    This collar can be used in any kind of animal.

    It is composed by a wireless sensor that transmits their location in a periodical way.

    Can be used with 5 geofences for each sensor.

    It sends notifications via email and SMS.

  • Checkingas

    Smart monitoring system for natural gas. With an non intrusive device which acquires data directly from the mechanic meter and sends it to the cloud, eliminate lecturers and create savings by getting all the data in your hands!

  • Cold Tracker

    Wireless sensor installed in refrigerators for monitoring temperature in a periodical way.

    In addition, it senses the refrigerator’s location.

    It sends notifications via email and SMS.

  • Datalog IOT

    Multi sensor device for remote monitoring system
    Intelligent and easy configurable APP and WEB monitoring applications, plus local sensing devices set for humidity and temperature measuring.
    To expand base sensing capabilities, solicit any desired sensor (such as PT100 RTDs, Thermocouples, CO2 sensors, etc.) to OEM.

    + Visualization
    + Responsive WEB and APP interface for visualization of:

    • Sensed variable state.
    • Battery level.
    • AC connector.
    • Sigfox signal quality.
    • Graphic record of each variable for up to 2 years.

    + External alarms by SMS, e-mail and Telegram messaging service.

  • Devkit V2.0

    Get Sigfox-on board with this all-features Development Kit. Connect more than 8 sensors and empower your IoT curiosity & skills, even if you are not a hardware-genius. Exclusively designed for tech startups, tech lovers, design houses, schools & universities, and anybody who wants to jump in IoT and make their ideas a prototype in less than an hour.

    Programm it in IDE Arduino. The IoT made easier than easy.

  • Digital Rain Gauge

    Agrosmart’s digital rain gauge monitors real-time rainfall data and sends it over to the internet. The Agrosmart online app provides rainfall information in real time and distribution through digital maps. By using the system farmers are able to improve decision-making, resulting on higher planting and harvesting efficiency as well as input and labour cost reduction.

    – Real time rainfall monitoring
    – Rainfall historical data
    – Distribution maps (available only when the number of digital rain gauges is equal or superior to 4 units)
    – End-to-end solution: installation, maintenance and customer support
    – No need for cell phone or internet signal in the field / SigFox Connection enabled

  • Agriculture


    Digitanimal is a service platform to monitor and locate livestock animals composed by a IoT collar and algorithms to improve farming.

  • Door/Window Sensor

    The door/window sensor uses a magnet to detect open/close events for doors, windows, or other applications that use a magnet to detect close proximity. When an open or close event is detected, an alert is sent to the Sigfox network.

    Product brief.

    More about Radio Bridge

  • Dry Contact Sensor

    The two-wire dry contact sensor detects a connection between two wires. When the wires are either shorted (connected) or opened (disconnected), an alert is sent over the Sigfox network.

    Product Brief

    More about Radio Bridge

  • Duodigit SX

    The DUODIGIT SX is a ready to use, rugged and easy-to-install equipment designed to transmit meter Reading data (water, gas and power) through the LPWA Sigfox network. The equipment can also be used in alarm systems and event occurrences. It has a primary Thionyl Chloride Lithium battery of 6500mA to operate for several years according to the number of daily transmissions.


    • Water metering system
    • Gas metering system
    • Power measurement system
    • Alarms
    • Event detector.

    Product developed and produced by Duodigit, a pioneer Brazilian company in the use of SIGFOX technology that has a specialized technical team trained in France.

  • EFCMPM01

    Energyment®is a proprietary platform do manage consumption of Cubic Meter of Water and Gas, or a kWh energy usage over a period of time and generates usage reports.Energyment® can report your connected devices measures 2 to 96 times a day, everyday, the consumption of Cubic Meter of Water and Gas, or a kWh energy usage over a period of time, and generate monthly usage.

  • EG-IoT

    Products of the EG-IoT range are suitable for rugged external environment. They are all waterproof and shock-resistant. Their compact size, their wide-range integrated antennas and their long autonomy allow an easy installation and use. Equiped with two communication technologies Sigfox + 3G or Sigfox + LTE-M1, we provide a product dedicated to critical applications. The EG-IoT solutions are a concentrate of technology, some of which were patented by Ercogener.
    The EG-IoT embedded application allows all geolocation applications like geofencing alert, keeping alive information and motion detection. It can be used to monitor a large number of assets and their condition of use or to check if your product has reached a specific location (port, aeroport, harbour, city, etc). Another main application is to detect when your asset starts a movement to prevent theft or banned uses.

    Its physical connection allows the receipt of sensors’ information and the control of actuators, it is used for building monitoring, solar production, smart agriculture and industry 4.0 applications. The most demanding applications as well as the simplest ones are covered by the EG-IoT range: get an index for gaz or water meters, cold chain monitoring, weather information, preventive maintenance, etc. For example it is used by one of our customer to send an alert when the temperature get under zero degrees within vineyards or to measure time of use of a machine for maintenance purpose.

    The technical and business support team from ercogener could help you to define the best solution and quickly start the implementation of EG-IoT products. We can also provide you a global end-to-end connectivity solution to display and manage the data for you.