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GLOKE self-sufficient asset tracking device, ideal due to the low installation cost and no maintenance. The device is designed with all automotive standards to last in toughest environments. As standard GLOKE will send 140 messages a day (one message every 11 minutes).

If the device can’t be exposed to the light, we offer an alternative version, which comes with ability to connect DC input or run on internal battery pack. Battery pack will last, depend on send message frequency up to 10 years.

There is no GSM tracker which could compete with GLOKE.

Main device functionality :
• Self-sufficient device, with additional power supply option
• Up to 140 messages per day
• Long lasting battery, depend on send message frequency up to 10 years

Main platform functionality :
• API for 3rd party software integration
• Reporting
• Geofence function
• Overall map with location of all customer assets
• Detailed map per device, ability to
• Check current location address
• Check battery status
• Check temperature status
• Check history – this gives travel log

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@: info@gloksystems.co.uk
T: 01842 646003

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Solution end-to-end

01. Device (HW), 02. Connectivity, 04. Platform (SW)


Accelerometer, Temperature


Serial Input/Output, i2c, Power Control

Battery Type


Battery: User Replaceable


Development Status

To be Certified

Antenna Class

Class 1 (20dBm>EIRP≥15dBm)

Regulatory Certifications


Sigfox Zone

, ,

Country's Origin


Production Capacity

> 25,000



+ Transport company moving goods between UK and France. The company owns only trailers, using subcontracted trucks. GLOKE was proposed, as the ultimate low maintenance and cost effective solution, giving the ability to watch trailers, even if these are left for days on their customer sites.

+ Until now company used SIM based tracking solution, unfortunately, they were not able to keep an eye on trailers left on customer sites for days, due to trackers running out of internal battery without charge from truck.

+ GLOKE gave the opportunity to have full tracking solution at low cost for unusual customer operation model.

+ Similar issue was resolved by GLOKE on another site, where customer moving trailers with containers from ports across UK, often leaving these, as temporary storage at their customer sites. G-Lok has again offered very reliable self-sufficient tracking solution, regardless if trailer was on the move or parked for long period of time at their customer site. The solution helped with trailer fleet management and utilizing more effective fleet, cutting on additional trailer rent cost.
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