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IRIS devices allow mechanical meters to access the world of IoT communications. Its great versatility allows it to be integrated with a wide range of meters even from different manufacturers.

IRIS devices allow consumption detection in two possible ways:
• Inductive sensorization: HIDROCONTA meters from the ATLANTIS and TRITON ranges.
• Connected to a pulse emitter: Any mechanical meter that has a potential-free contact pulse emitter (for example, reed relay) can be connected to the pulse input of the IRIS device. It is also possible to connect it to a pulse emitter or any device that generates an electronic pulse signal.

IRIS devices are available in the most demanded IoT communication technologies: Sigfox, LoRa / LoRaWAN, NB-IoT and GPRS.
In all cases, they are integrated as new devices in the DEMETER remote control and remote reading system.
In other words, the diversity of communication technologies in IRIS devices corresponds to their integration in the same installation. Thus, depending on the specific requirements of an installation, different technologies could coexist to achieve a complete solution, always through the same family of IRIS devices.

Operating profiles based on the requirements for recording historical consumption and communications.
• Normal-24: Sending data every 24 hours and recording every hour.
• Normal-8: Sending data every 8 hours and recording every hour.
• Medium: Data is sent every 12 hours and registration every 30 minutes.
• Extreme: Sending data every 6 hours and recording every 15 minutes.

Detection of alarms and their dispatch. Supported alarms:
Reverse flow alarm: The alarm is activated in case of exceeding a certain volume in the reverse direction. Only available for the inductive sensor version.
Under-dimensioned meter alarm
: The alarm is activated in the event that a flow greater than the overload is detected for a period of time.
Leak alarm
: The alarm is activated in the event that continued consumption is detected for a maximum period of time.
Counter tampering alarm: The alarm is activated if the device is not mounted on the meter. Only available for the inductive sensor version.
Counter stopped alarm
: The alarm is activated in the event that no consumption is detected for a maximum period of time.
Battery status alarms
: Various battery alarm levels are activated depending on the remaining autonomy.

The IRIS communications module is integrated with the Demeter system. It supports the integration of a wide range of devices using various communication technologies that adapt to the needs of the installation. From drinking water meter devices with ultrasonic technology to Demeter remote control devices, through AMR systems coupled to mechanical meters.

From a communications point of view, the Demeter system integrates with the vast majority of communication technologies currently on the market: Sigfox, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, GPRS,
etc. This versatility allows the system to integrate a more suitable measuring device depending on the particularities of the location.

Data collection and management
• Access to a large amount of data recorded by the system
• Advanced data analysis from consumption graphs.
• Direct access to information from temporary records.

Web system
• Detection and management of alerts for the detection of error situations and their agile solution.
• Running automatic programs
• Security and privacy in access to information guaranteed at various levels.

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Solution end-to-end

01. Device (HW)


Electrical pulse sensor


Pulse Counter

Battery Type


Battery: User Replaceable


Development Status

Certified: Sigfox Ready

Antenna Class

Class 0 (24dBm>EIRP≥20dBM)

Regulatory Certifications

Sigfox Ready

Sigfox Zone

Country's Origin


Production Capacity

> 10,000

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