Probeless Temperature Sensor

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The probeless temp sensor measures the temperature of the air surrounding the sensor without any external probes such as a thermocouple or thermistor. If the temperature rises above or falls below the configured thresholds, an alert is sent over the wireless network. For high precision temperature monitoring, see the external probe temperature sensor or the thermocouple-based temperature sensor.

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01. Device (HW)



Battery Type


Battery: User Replaceable


Development Status

Certified: Sigfox Ready

Antenna Class


Regulatory Certifications


Sigfox Zone

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Production Capacity

> 1,000, > 10,000, Samples, > 5,000, > 25,000, 100 – 1,000


+ Detect freezing temperatures to protect plumbing and other infrastructure

+ Detect heat failure in second homes or remote buildings

+ Restaurant food safety

+ Detect cooling system and refrigeration failures

+ Industrial temperature monitoring

+ General low precision ambient temperature sensor
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