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SigSense is a LPWA device operating in Sigfox network, with the main purpose of monitoring operating time of machines by the detection of vibrations, to be used both indoor and outdoor. It has an internal battery that can last up to 5 years.

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Solution end-to-end

01. Device (HW), 02. Connectivity, 04. Platform (SW)


Accelerometer, Temperature


Power Control

Battery Type


Battery: User Replaceable


Development Status

Certified: Sigfox Ready

Antenna Class

Class 0 (24dBm>EIRP≥20dBM)

Regulatory Certifications

ANATEL, Sigfox Ready

Sigfox Zone


Country's Origin


Production Capacity

> 25,000



+ Sigsense is a wireless device using the Sigfox network, which was developed to monitor working time of machines, such as compressors, generators, and similar assets, by the detection of vibration. It uses an internal accelerometer to perform this detection and its sensitivity can also be configured by user.

+ One of our use cases is from a reseller of air compressors and generators and that provides maintenance for equipment both sold or rented. By simply monitoring working time, he can precisely determine the time of maintenance, stopping getting early or late. He can now schedule maintenance with more precision, saving time and money, and also increasing the machine's working time as a consequence.
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