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Our security electronic seal makes easier, faster, cheaper and safer, the chance to have a real-time notification over the opening or violation of cargo or any kind of seal, by using an opening alarm generated by the security electronic seal.

The installation is quite simple and an important difference from other current solutions is that it is not necessary to spend money into inverse logistics because it is designed for one use only.

Besides the opening notification, the security electronic seal lets the user monitor the container during established periods of time, showing the seal permanency and the active status of the seal. Its autonomy can last 30 days, but this time depends on the design of each project and the regularity of the transmission.

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Solution end-to-end

01. Device (HW)



Battery Type


Battery: User Replaceable


Development Status

PoC (Proof of Concept)

Antenna Class

Class 0 (24dBm>EIRP≥20dBM)

Regulatory Certifications

Sigfox Ready

Sigfox Zone

Country's Origin


Production Capacity

> 5,000



+ Cargo movement from and towards sea or river docks, is one of the most common operations in international commerce. The cargo shipping is made on containers, which usually are sealed and identified using elements which sometimes can be easily removable and violated.

+ Because of insurance or taxes issues, having real-time information about a robbery or contamination (drugs or smuggling) is very important for a security or transportation company.

+ Another scenario could be the shipping of cargo using the conventional logistic operators, in which it is very important to guarantee the sealing of the shipped cargo, or in the case of security companies of valuable transportation.

+ The security electronic seal contains the capacity of sending information regarding its state, its behavior and its location. When it remains closed it sends a signal notifying that it is active. When it has been opened it immediately generates an opening or violation alarm and it is possible to geolocate i with the triangulation of the antennas of the network provider.
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