Quamtra Smart Waste Management

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This IoT solution is based on smart devices (the Q and MiniQ sensors) that constantly measure the fill level of the garbage containers, the temperature inside them, the inclination, the movement and even their location. This data is sent to the platform that allows the creation of reports and alerts to transform it into actions by those responsible for the management.

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Solution end-to-end

01. Device (HW)


Ultrasound, Geolocation, Accelerometer, Temperature


Power Control

Battery Type


Battery: User Replaceable


Development Status

Certified: Sigfox Ready

Antenna Class

Class 0 (24dBm>EIRP≥20dBM)

Regulatory Certifications

Sigfox Ready

Sigfox Zone

, ,

Country's Origin


Production Capacity

> 10,000




+ Smart Cities and waste management: Sensors measure and transmit the status and filling level of each monitored container to optimize collection routes, container distribution, alert incidents, identify displaced containers and achieve savings thanks to the Quamtra Smart Waste Management solution. This solution is ideal for cities that want to adjust their urban waste management to the needs of their residents, moving from a static and reactive model to a proactive and dynamic method.

+ Industries and Utilities: The sensors are capable of monitoring and controlling water resources such as water tanks, wells, etc. They can play a key role in scenarios associated with wastewater treatment, water distribution, and irrigation. In addition, they can be used to sensor any other liquid or solid asset used in the industrial sector, it is especially suitable for outdoor or underground deposits.
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