Sigfox Sensor Module

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A flexible Sigfox-enabled sensor module that provides a low-cost, low-risk route for bringing new IoT solutions to the market quickly.

This module is suitable in a wide range of use cases such as tamper/movement detection, vibration measurement, temperature monitoring and light detection using its on-board sensors and a vast array of applications using external sensors connected through its digital and analog ports.

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Solution end-to-end

01. Device (HW)


Accelerometer, Luminosity, Temperature, Reed Relay


AD Input, i2c, RFID, NFC

Battery Type


Battery: User Replaceable


Development Status

To be Certified

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MAC Ltd’s generic module integrates a range of common sensors with a Sigfox transceiver and a low power microcontroller. It is a convenient starting point for developing a wide variety of IoT products. Using this off-the-shelf hardware and integrating existing software modules with custom application specific code, initial concept demonstrators can be designed and iterated in a matter of weeks. When the design has been tested and validated against the user requirements MAC Ltd can quickly design an optimized hardware platform by leaving out any unused features and adding any that are not part of our generic platform. At the same time the hardware will be configured in the most appropriate form-factor for the end application and features to support high-volume manufacture will be added, as required.

The generic module can be configured to support the following sensor types, though due to input/output limitations of the processor not all combinations are possible so please call MAC Ltd to discuss your requirements. Accelerometer, light sensor, tilt-switch, magnetic reed switch, temperature, digital inputs from external devices, analog inputs from external devices, digital outputs to external devices. A battery supply between 1.8V and 3.3V can provide power to the module, so it is ideally suited to operation from two standard primary or rechargeable batteries, such as two AAA or AA cells. For off-board sensors that require a higher supply voltage, an on-board DC-DC converter can provide a 5V supply, which the microcontroller can enable and disable to conserve power.
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